Facebook’s Trending Song Lists and Why You Need to Pay Attention

Facebook recently introduced trending topics to its home page. They didn’t stop there, however. Facebook has also added lists of trending song to auto-generated band pages and search results. This is huge news for the bands, but it also means big changes for the music services these lists link to, users, and even other businesses and entities on Facebook. Trending song lists are just the beginning. This could be the start of a new era of search. […]

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The Content Strategy Outcast – Technical Documentation and How to Convince Customers to Use It

Technical documentation is like an unpopular in-law or relative. You can’t kill her, and you definitely don’t want to visit her voluntarily. This puts software creators and product manufacturers in a difficult position. How do they convince users to read the documentation so they can get the most from the things you offer? I have a few ideas. […]

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The Ideal Client Profile: The Single Most Important Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal

How much time and money do you lose on prospects or traffic that never convert? Would you improve your conversion rates if you could? If you look for ways to save money and work more efficiently every month, you might miss one of the most effective ways to improve your bottom line: A detailed profile of your ideal client. […]

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The Facebook Home Invasion – A Warning to Facebook App Users

The arrival of Facebook Home caused quite a stir. Love it or hate it, this new “family of apps” comes with a whole host of shiny new features. I like some of these new features. I love the idea of accessing my current messages without having to stop what I’m doing. I like the idea of seeing images on my app screen, but that’s where my love of the Facebook Home concept ends. […]

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Business Blogging: Daily Publishing Schedules and Other Funny Stories From the Copywriting Trenches

I hear it over and over again… The more you blog, the more customers you’ll get. Companies have even done reports and studies that show frequent blogging increases sales. Are they right? Well, yeah, but that doesn’t even come close to telling the whole story. […]

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Why Your Content Needs a BAU

A Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU). Every content strategy should have one. Every piece of content you create must have one. It’s the only way to be successful and meet the many needs of a business. […]

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Posterous Alternatives and How to Add the Functionality to Your Own Site

You’ve likely already heard that Twitter has finally shut down Posterous. To be honest, I’m not bothered by it. I think I have an account, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. I’d rather add that functionality to my own website. And you’ll be glad to know, it’s not that difficult. […]

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2012 Social Media User Demographics Are In

How often do you use demographics and stats when creating social media content? I love data and use information like this all the time. With it, I’m able to make better business and marketing decisions. I even use it for content and content strategies. […]

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Pinterest for Marketers: The Idea Collection

I love using Pinterest, but not necessarily for marketing. I’m a typical, addicted user. I’ve created tons of boards filled with crafts, animals, fashions, coffee, and travel-related images. But the more I learn about the creative and interesting ways other businesses use this platform, the more I’m tempted to adopt it as a marketing channel. […]

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If You’ve Ignored Google’s AuthorRank, You Might Start Paying for It

We knew it was just a matter of time before AuthorRank did more than just add a little picture beside your content in the SERPs. That time has come. Are you ready for it? […]

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